Last modified: January 7, 2019


Table of Contents

1               Introduction

2               Definitions

3               Information we collect

4               Manage your settings

5               Browing behavior and IP address

6               Use of Cookies

7               How we protect information

8         Rights of EU-members

9         Storing information

10       Disclaimer



1. Introduction

Thank you for using Xaaloo!

Your trust is important to us and we’re committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. The information that’s shared with us helps us to provide a great experience with other Xaaloo Members.

We are dedicated to protecting all the personal information we collect and help ensure that personal information is handled according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all other applicable legislation relating to your privacy.

This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, process, and disclose your personal information, in conjunction with your access to and use of the Xaaloo Platform and it’s Services. We advise you to read this Privacy Statement carefully.

2. Definitions

If you see an undefined term in this Privacy Policy (such as “Listing” or “Member Content”), it has the same definition as in our Terms of Service (“Terms”).

3. Information we collect

3.1 Xaaloo trusts on the following legal grounds when collecting, using, sharing, and otherwise processing of your personal information for purposes as described in this Privacy Statement:

● to the extent necessary to provide the services and to fulfill our obligations under the terms and conditions;

● where you have consented to the processing, which you can revoke at any time;

● when necessary, to comply with a legal obligation or an order of the judge, or to initiate and defend legal claims;

● where you have made the information public;

● if necessary in the public interest; and

● if necessary for the legitimate interests of Xaaloo or third parties, such as those of visitors or partners.

3.2 We process your data to promote our legitimate interests, including:

● the delivery and improvement of the services. We do this because it is necessary to pursue our legitimate interests in providing and developing innovative services and customized offers to our users on a sustainable basis; and

● keep the services safe and secure. We do this because it is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of Xaaloo and its users in ensuring the security of the services, and to provide protection against fraud, spam and abuse, etc.

3.3 Xaaloo collects information that might directly or indirectly identify you. Xaaloo also collects information about how you make use of ours services. Xaaloo collects this information in different manners:

● We collect basic account information like your name, email address, username and password for security reasons and to allow you access to our services.

● We collect information from Reviews and other Member Content you share on the Xaaloo Platform.

● We do not store any personal data or financial information such as bank or credit card numbers in connection with the processing of any payments through the Xaaloo Platform. All this information is sent directly to our third-party payment provider "Stripe" in a secured and encrypted connection. The use of your personal data is covered by Stripe's Privacy Policy, which can be found on their website:

● Xaaloo allows you to register and log in to the Xaaloo Platform using third party social networking services, such as LinkedIn, Google or Facebook (collectively "Social Accounts”). If you access the services via Social Accounts with third party networking services, we collect the information that you want to make available, such as your name, e-mail address, profile details and preferences with the applicable Social Account with third parties. The information is collected by the provider of the Social Account with third parties and is delivered to Xaaloo in accordance with its privacy policy. You can generally manage the information we receive from these sources using the privacy settings in your Account with third parties.

● In order to provide you with the best possible service, you can choose to provide us with your contact details so that we can better respond to your requests and comments.

● We also obtain additional information from third parties about users of marketers, partners, researchers and others. We may combine information that we collect from you with information that we obtain from other users, third parties and information that we derive from other products or services that we offer. We may also collect information about you from other users, such as when they leave a review about you.

● We collect information from your browser, computer or mobile device, which provide us with technical information when you open or use the service. This technical information includes device and network information, cookies, log files and analytical information.

3.4 A User that has registered can use his unique username and password to login to his account on the Xaaloo Platform.

In performing its services, Xaaloo will store personal data. This occurs when you book a Listing and Hosting Services, when you subscribe to the newsletter, when you write a Review, when you submit a booking inquiry or send a direct message to another Xaaloo Member on the Xaaloo Platform. Data stored are Invoice details, Disputes and your Booking and Cancellation history.

Xaaloo uses the data of it’s Members to inform each other about a (potential) Booking, to generate invoices, to get into contact with Members, to improve the services of Xaaloo and/or the Host and to show general client information to the Host when a booking is requested or confirmed. Xaaloo will never share or transmit your personal data to third parties without your prior consent, other than third parties that are involved with Bookings a Venue or Hosting Services.

The Host may use data from Guests to facilitate the information provision on location, such as showing reservations on signs or screens. 

Xaaloo and Host may use their client information that is not protected by the General Data Processing Regulation for analysis and commercial objectives.

A User who has registered can login to his account with the created username and password and book a Venue or Hosting Services with all Members presented on the Xaaloo Platform.

4. Manage your settings

4.1 When you have registered yourself on the Xaaloo Platform, you will receive automatically generated mails such as a registration confirmation, booking confirmations, change confirmations and/or cancellation confirmations.

You may also receive recurring e-mails such as a newsletter or emails asking you to rate the Host or Venue by writing a Review. You can always indicate to us which e-mails you wish to receive on

You can also unsubscribe by following the instructions at the bottom of each type of e-mail. All e-mails related to administration or services (to confirm a booking or an update of this Privacy Policy or conditions, etc.) generally do not offer an option to unsubscribe, because they are necessary to give you the desired services and experience.

4.2 You can correct, update, or update submitted account information that is incorrect at any time by modifying that information in your personal Dashboard. If you need further assistance, please contact our Support team.

4.3 You can request to have your account removed completely by sending an email to

Once you delete your account, your activities including billing information can not be recovered.

Please note: Content that has been shared with others (for example, at the location) or that others have copied, may also remain visible after you delete your account or the information from your own profile.

5. Browsing behavior and IP address

On the Xaaloo platform, general visitors statistics are collected without identifying such visitors individually. The purpose of the foregoing is to optimise the performance of the Xaaloo platform. Such statistics may also be used to show more targeted information to categories of users. This enables Xaaloo to further improve their services. In order to do so, Xaaloo may use the IP address of your computer. IP addresses are not coupled to identifiable information unless you have explicitly given your consent for such coupling.

6. Use of Cookies

The Xaaloo platform uses cookies. You can delete cookies via your browser or you can change your settings on your computer so that no cookies will be placed on your computer. This may reduce your user experience – certain parts of the Xaaloo Platform may not be accessible as a result.

Xaaloo uses functional cookies to track session or login information and cookies for web analysis services (such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Hotjar). Through these cookies, Xaaloo gather statistics regarding traffic, popularity of webpages, exit pages, browser information, duration of visit and other browsing behaviour. This enables Xaaloo to provide you with a better user experience. Xaaloo cannot track who (or which pc) has visited the Xaaloo platform or Xaaloo portals.

Cookies from social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are also in use. The use of these Cookies allows us to display advertisements on and off the Platform and to collect information about your browsing habits and the use of the Platform to make advertisements more relevant and personal to you and your interests. We can use remarketing technologies to enable third parties to display relevant and personalized ads to you through their networks. They are also used to indicate that you've seen a particular ad, the number of times you see an ad, and to measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign. For this we use third-party technologies, including but not limited to Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, Linkedin Campaign Manager, Xing and Google Adwords. Technologies are also placed by social media sites for advertising and targeting purposes (including Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram).

These technologies remember the websites you visit and that information is shared with other parties such as advertisers.

The external companies we use for targeting and advertising purposes have their own privacy policies that you should carefully review. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. To manage the collection of information through cookies or other equivalent technology, you can use the settings of your browser or mobile device. Xaaloo strives to give you the choices to manage your privacy. Xaaloo do not recognize or respond to browser-driven 'Do Not Track' signals because the internet industry has not yet developed complete 'Do Not Track' standards, implementations and solutions. For more information about 'Do Not Track' signals, you can consult If you refuse cookies, certain features of the services may no longer be available to you.

7. How we protect information

We take various measures to protect the collection, transfer and storage of the data we collect. While we strive to provide reasonable protection for your information, suitable for its sensitivity, we do not guarantee or provide any guarantee for the security of the information you share with us and we are not responsible for theft, destruction, loss or unintentional disclosure of your information or content. No system is 100% safe. The services use standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for encoding personal information and credit card numbers. The personal data is stored on secure servers of Amazon Web Services in Germany, which are only accessible via the secure SSL connection. Passwords are encrypted in a special way so that they can not be retrieved by third parties. We do not store credit card numbers ourselves. This is done by our Payment Service Providers (PSP) Adyen B.V. and Stripe Payments Europe, Ltd.

To help ensure that these measures are effective in preventing unauthorized access to your private information, you should be aware of the security features that are available to you in your browser. You must use a well-secured browser to send your credit card details and other personal information to the services. Note: if you use a browser that does not work with SSL, you run the risk of your data being intercepted.

Most browsers can be configured to notify you when you switch from a secure to an unsecured communication network, receive invalid identification data for the services you are communicating with, or send information through an unsecured connection. Xaaloo recommends that you enable these browser functions to ensure that your communication is protected. You can also check the URL of the services you visit (secure URLs begin with https: // and not with http: //) and the security symbol of your browser to help you determine if you are sending data to a secure server. You can also view the details of the security certificate of the services you are connected to. Check the validity of all services with which you connect and whether they make use of secure connections.

8. Rights of EU-members

You have the right to view, correct, download or delete your data, as well as the right to limit certain processing of your data and to object to it. Some of these rights are generally applicable, others only in a limited number of cases. Below we describe these rights:

● Accessibility and portability

● Correct, restrict, limit, delete

● Make objections

● Revoke consent

● Raise a formal complaint

9. Storing information

We store information as long as necessary to provide the services to you and others, subject to any legal obligations to further such information. Information relating to your account will generally be retained until it is no longer required to provide the services or until you ask us to delete it or your account has been deleted, if earlier. After you delete your account, it may take up to 30 days before your personal data is completely removed from our system logs from our systems. In addition, we may track information from deleted accounts to comply with the law, to prevent fraud, to collect fees, to resolve disputes, to solve problems, to assist in investigations and other legal acts permitted by law. The information we retain will be treated according to this Privacy Policy.

Information about you that is no longer necessary and relevant to the provision of our services can be anonymised and merged with other non-personal data to obtain insights that are commercially valuable to Xaaloo, such as statistics on the use of the services. This information is disconnected from your name and other identification.

10. Disclaimer

Although Xaaloo remains committed to protecting your personal information, the security of data transfer via the Internet can not be 100% guaranteed, and Xaaloo can not guarantee or guarantee the security of information you send to Xaaloo. The sending of personal information is at your own risk.

Xaaloo reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement. We advise you regularly re-read the (most current) Privacy Statement.

Any questions or remarks regarding this Privacy Statement can be sent to

Thank you for your trust and understanding.

The Xaaloo Support Team